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  • Cord Cutting Is Here For The Sports Fan

    Cord Cutting Is Here For The Sports Fan

    It’s been a long time coming but you can now, finally, cut the cord and still be a sports fan.

  • Americana


    I was not a fan of the Grateful Dead growing up. In fact I hated them. I was more of a punk rock/industrial angry music guy anyway.  It was more out of a dislike for the drug/hippie culture that encompassed Dead shows that I really pushed back against and it was a pretty prevalent culture…

  • Not Good For The City

    Not Good For The City

    I check out various podcasts while on long runs. From The Audible on FoxSports to NPR’s Fresh Air. One I pop on regularly is The Brookings Institute Cafeteria podcast. They had Smith College Economics Professor Andrew Zimbalist on recently. He has written well over a dozen books on sports and money. His most recent (which…

  • The Do’s & Don’ts

    The Do’s & Don’ts

    By Brad Hubbard | @bradhubbard Over the last few months I have become a connoisseur of sorts of customer service. For a while I was on the receiving end which I admit is not all that fun (mainly because it was about not failing as opposed to being proactive) and more recently I have been on…

  • Time Lapse Playlist

    Time Lapse Playlist

    A new playlist has been added to my YouTube channel. It features all of the time lapses I have done with my GoPro Hero3.