I was not a fan of the Grateful Dead growing up. In fact I hated them. I was more of a punk rock/industrial angry music guy anyway.  It was more out of a dislike for the drug/hippie culture that encompassed Dead shows that I really pushed back against and it was a pretty prevalent culture in Northern California in the early to mid 90’s. As I have grown older, matured and stepped away from rage I have come to appreciate the Dead and what they were able to accomplish.

The other night I caught an interview with Bob Weir by Dan Rather. It was very insightful into not only Weir’s musical history but also where the Dead fit into American history. They have been truckin for over 50 years and helped define the closes thing we’ve to a Renaissance.

If you have AXS.TV I recommend checking out this interview. Even if you are not a Grateful Dead fan, after you listen to Weir you will have an appreciation for his musical passion and for the Dead.



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