BDH_HS1This is the online home for me, Brad Hubbard. I have a few others like Twitter, LinkedIN and YouTube which I will link to below.

I am originally from Northern California but connected with the South. I have travelled extensively throughout the world and have stayed in Knoxville, Savannah, Austin, Charleston, Las Vegas, and Nashville long enough to pay taxes.

I am currently an account manager for Levels Beyond. We have a product called Reach Engine  and it helps larges and medium sized businesses manage their media. During my off time I attend various meet-ups, hike the Rocky Mountains, read up of various topics in technology, sports and business while searching for my next adventure.

I am available for freelance video jobs. I have a Canon 5D Mark III, and Adobe Production Suite (5.5). If you are in need of an experienced video producer, shooter, editor, or digital media expert please contact me at brad.hubbard77@gmail.com

Check out my sports blog, sidelinesignals.com and my LinkedIN profile! Or you can try my on Twitter and find some videos on YouTube.


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