This is the online home for me, Brad Hubbard. I have a few others like Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube and of course SidelineSignals.com.

I am originally from Northern California but connected with the South and somehow ended up in Colorado.  I have traveled extensively throughout the world and have stayed in Knoxville, Savannah, Austin, Charleston, Las Vegas, Nashville and Denver long enough to pay taxes in each.

I am currently building working as a Project Manager for a payments company. Before that I was a project manager for a small technology company in Denver that focused on media asset management and delivery and also jumped back into combat sports for awhile. All of my positions have made me develop the ‘looking around the corner’ skill so that I can create, track and implement technology solutions that are scalable and sustainable.

During my down time I attend various meet-ups, hike the Rocky Mountains, read up on various topics in technology, sports and business while searching for my next adventure. Oh, I also have to entertain my dog at various points throughout the day.

I can also be found writing a sports blog, sidelinesignals.com. You can of course always find me via LinkedIN and Twitter.

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