BDH_HS1This is the online home for me, Brad Hubbard. I have a few others like Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube and of course SidelineSignals.com.

I am originally from Northern California but connected with the South and somehow ended up in Colorado.  I have traveled extensively throughout the world and have stayed in Knoxville, Savannah, Austin, Charleston, Las Vegas, Nashville and Denver long enough to pay taxes in each.

I am currently building out Glory Kickboxing’s OTT platforms. This of course makes me the defacto cloud/metadata/bandwidth guy. Before that I was a project manager for a small technology company in Denver that focused on media asset management and delivery. Both positions have made me develop the ‘looking around the corner’ skill so that I can create, track and implement technology solutions that are scalable and sustainable.

During my down time I attend various meet-ups, hike the Rocky Mountains, read up on various topics in technology, sports and business while searching for my next adventure. Oh, I also have to entertain my dog at various points throughout the day.

If you need some help  with digital media such as how to migrate your on-prem storage to the cloud or how to find the right encoding/transcoding solution for your company then feel free to reach out. I can be found at brad.hubbard77@gmail.com

I can also be found writing a sports blog, sidelinesignals.com. You can of course always find me via LinkedINandTwitter.