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  • Air Travel Has Lost Its Romanticism

    Air Travel Has Lost Its Romanticism

    Air Travel Ain’t What It Used To Be.

  • Favorite Reads of 2018

    Favorite Reads of 2018

      I fell one book short of my goal of reading a book a month. I did get to read some impressive books ranging from cybersecurity to life after a GM plant closed to the memoir of a diplomat. Below are some quick hits on my favorites. All the reviews can be found on medium.com. […]

  • Shopping And  Shipping

    Shopping And Shipping

    In the not so distant past, shopping was different. You had to know what you wanted, drive to the store and then purchase your item. Now, it’s browsing, price comparisons, subscriptions and boxes on your doorstep. Amazon has been the main disruptor but other big stores are finally showing signs of life in the online […]

  • TEDx Mile High 2017

    TEDx Mile High 2017

    I should start off by saying ‘long time, no blog’ but that would just be strange. I do write all the time but it’s for my sports blog SidelineSignals.com and soon you will see my stuff on CollegeFootballNews.com. Anyway, this one is about TEDx Mile High 2017 and the things I took away. So yes, […]

  • Favorite Reads of 2016

    Favorite Reads of 2016

    I haven’t been reading as many books as I use to but I also spend less time on airplanes too. I did however make time to read several books this year and was fortunate enough to read three really great ones back-to-back-to-back. The Third Wave by Steve Case I picked this book up after seeing […]

  • GoPro – The AVID Integration

    GoPro – The AVID Integration

    This is part three of my series on how GoPro can turn things around and improve it’s fortunes. GoPro is turning itself into a software company as Founder and CEO Nick Woodman pointed out in an in-depth article on The Verge. While I agree with the pivot, they are making steps but not strides which is what […]

  • The GoPro Rocket Vertical

    The GoPro Rocket Vertical

    This is part two in my series on GoPro. It’s a great product but they have run into some hard times and it’s share price sits just below $9. This series is intended to provide solutions on how the company can turn things around and become the major player in video.  The private space industry […]

  • Into The Turn

    Into The Turn

    It’s not a secret. It’s not even something in your blind spot. It’s as clear as daylight and it can’t seem to get here fast enough. Over the top (OTT) programming replacing traditional viewing. The world of apps and devices like Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire are here to stay but getting content onto […]

  • The Inescapable Now

    The Inescapable Now

    It’s looking more and more like a William Gibson or Neal Stephenson novel out there. Governments suing companies to open up security features, a new documentary looking into how our world is wrapped in hackable code, sprinkled in some drones strikes decided by big data and it’s straight armageddon out here right now. Alex Gibney […]

  • Not Good For The City

    Not Good For The City

    I check out various podcasts while on long runs. From The Audible on FoxSports to NPR’s Fresh Air. One I pop on regularly is The Brookings Institute Cafeteria podcast. They had Smith College Economics Professor Andrew Zimbalist on recently. He has written well over a dozen books on sports and money. His most recent (which […]