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  • Editing Horrors

    Editing Horrors

    Behind every video is an editor who had to watch and rewatch the horrors of an event.

  • The GoPro Rocket Vertical

    The GoPro Rocket Vertical

    This is part two in my series on GoPro. It’s a great product but they have run into some hard times and it’s share price sits just below $9. This series is intended to provide solutions on how the company can turn things around and become the major player in video.  The private space industry…

  • The GoPro Sports Network

    The GoPro Sports Network

    This is the first in a series of posts related to GoPro. While they are a hardware company by trade they are also trying to become a content company. I think they can do it but they have to want to do it.  GoPro has gotten hammered over the last year as far as Wall…

  • Look Up.

    Look Up.

    Neil deGrasse Tyson is kind of a big deal. He is even getting his own talk show on the National Geographic Channel next month. He provides us wonder, humor, and an insight into the world that most of us just pass over on a daily basis. If you missed him or want to know more…