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  • Hope In Humanity

    Hope In Humanity

    A quick glance of the news headlines can drive anyone into isolation. Mass shootings at public places, a horrific war in Ukraine, and overall anger at each other over everything from books to the Dallas Cowboys. But there is hope and it was on display one morning in Littleton, Colorado. During the morning rush hour […]

  • 25 million lines of Fortran

    Originally posted on Coding the markets:
    One of my colleagues is ex Bloomberg. He tells me there’s only one thing I need to know about them: “25 million lines of Fortran !”? Apparently they have 1500 coders firefighting, just keeping that legacy monster alive. And there’s a good reason Bloomberg has those 1500 coders keeping…

  • When The Water Runs Dry

    When The Water Runs Dry

    Water is becoming a big issue. In fact it has been an issue for a lot of years. In fact the US Defense Department (DoD) is concerned about. In fact the in the 2014 Quadrennial Defense Review it states: ‘Competition for resources, including energy and water, will worsen tensions in the coming years and could […]