Hope In Humanity

A quick glance of the news headlines can drive anyone into isolation. Mass shootings at public places, a horrific war in Ukraine, and overall anger at each other over everything from books to the Dallas Cowboys. But there is hope and it was on display one morning in Littleton, Colorado.

During the morning rush hour you heard a screech and crash of two cars colliding. One moved off the side the road and the other just sat there with flashers going facing the wrong way. A few moments later several onlookers came to the cars aid. An older man with a Santa Clause inspired beard who was parked in a car nearby, someone from across the street and a woman from inside the nearest Starbucks. Two went to the aid of the woman who emerged from the vehicle while the other went out to direct traffic. The driver, black woman, appeared from a distance to be physically ok but obviously shaken as she was walking off into the parking lot conversing with those who came to help.

No one asked them to assist. No one was wearing safety gear while directing traffic and no one asked the injured’s political affiliation, religious denomination, sexuality or how they identified. They just went and helped.

They just went and helped.

Maybe we should focus on that. Helping each other vs judging or discriminating or putting each other down.






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