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  • Rideshares Can Be A Win-Win For Commuters

    Rideshares Can Be A Win-Win For Commuters

    *Full disclosure, I have been a Lyft shareholder and currently own Uber in my portfolio.* I have to weigh in on this subject of rideshares and public transportation. First, I use public transportation a few times a week and bike to work a few days a week. Second, I use a rideshare nearly every weekend…

  • Student Debt And A Way Out

    Student Debt And A Way Out

    There is $1.6 trillion in student debt in the U.S. Something like 92% of it is held by the federal government. Worse yet, 40% of student loan borrowers are 65 or older. It’s safe to say that this is a problem that we are not focusing on but one that will come back and bit…

  • Better Use Of Space

    Better Use Of Space

    It’s the ‘next thing’ or ‘new wave’ or whatever you want to call it. Food delivery. Everyone is either doing it or trying to do it. Grocery delivery hasn’t taken off yet but it appears that that time will come and that time has come for food delivery from restaurants thanks to GrubHub and others.…