The Inescapable Now

It’s looking more and more like a William Gibson or Neal Stephenson novel out there. Governments suing companies to open up security features, a new documentary looking into how our world is wrapped in hackable code, sprinkled in some drones strikes decided by big data and it’s straight armageddon out here right now.

Alex Gibney is releasing a new documentary called ‘Zero Days’. It is already making waves and rightfully so. First Gibney is a well respected, multiple award winner and when he tackles something your perception is never the same. Second, this documentary just looks scary and fascinating as all get out.

To expand on scary, Apple is refusing a court order to crack open their own security on an iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. The FBI wants to get into the phone and see if there is any useful info. Tim Cook and Apple are saying ‘no.’

Throw in a little SKYNET algorithm drone strikes along with the return of the X-Files and it’s full blown paranoia / anarchy out there.

The fact is, the world, and your life, have become more complicated and smaller. No longer do seas protect you from bad guys. Your security, health, and privacy have now become your immediate problem and there is no putting it off.

Passwords should be changed and improved. Pause given before sending any kind of message or posting anything online. Browsers locked down and RSA keys used for the simplest of work tasks.

Scariest part, we can’t thrive without opening ourselves up to risk.






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