Our Time Is More Valuable Than Yours

Taleo is HR Software. I have only been on one side of it thus far in my life, the applicant side. and from that perspective Taleo is terrible. It is redundant, tedious, and down right horrible. In fact it maybe the worse job application software on the market.

Log in? Really?

There are several reasons why this application falls flat on its face. First, it makes you log in. Why? So you can track your progress? Seems good in nature but with all of the reports of companies that have been hacked and user information compromised it should make an applicant pause before creating yet another username and password. And let’s face facts,  that username and password are probably being used several other places.

Another reason is the format itself. It asks for information that is  (or at least should be) clearly displayed on your resume. Why do you have to fill out previous employment information when that clearly documented on your resume? Oh, that’s right, it needs to go with the profile you had to create with the username and password that are now possibly in the hands of Eastern European gangsters. Got it.

So what is the opposite of this? The Resumator. The resumator is simple, diverse and at times challenging.  The job description is listed on one side of the page and on the other is a place not only for the basics like your resume and email but also a place for questions from the employer. While it is not perfect it is certainly better than Taleo’s version and in my opinion far better.

So a word to HR reps, take a serious look at what service you are using. I would highly recommend switching from Taleo to The Resumator. You’ll find that you’ll be able to sift through candidates faster and find better qualified people quicker.






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