The Simple Act of Communicating

Brad Hubbard | 1/21/2023

In this day and age, for as much as I love capitalism, $500 for a medication that helps me swallow is a little much for me to…swallow. But there isn’t apparently much I can do but try to find a place to fill it at hopefully a lower price that also takes my insurance, and maybe, just maybe I won’t spend my Sunday Funday lunch in an alley trying to hack out a piece of food. 

Thrilling I know. Imagine how it was for me to spend my Sunday Funday with friends I haven’t seen in months doing that with food I love. It made me feel like a drunken jackass without the benefit of drinking all day. 

I don’t fault the people, I fault the non communication. The pharmacy on the corner, the drug company, insurance company, and the doctor who prescribed it. Oh they can’t be bothered to follow up or tell me that the insurance will no longer cover it at a discounted price. It’s up to me to play True Detective and do the research and leg work with all the time I have between work, class, HOA meetings and ya know, life. 

A simple email, phone call, text message, heck I’ll take snail mail at this point. Just let the patient know what the deal is. Any of those would have prompted me to reach out to the Dr and start asking about options. Should be pretty simple. 

It’s unfortunate that the simple act of communicating didn’t or can’t happen especially when it comes to one’s health. It saves time, money and stress on all sides when simple messages are sent no matter what the medium.

Perhaps the health industry should try this out across the board.







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