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  • The GoPro Rocket Vertical

    The GoPro Rocket Vertical

    This is part two in my series on GoPro. It’s a great product but they have run into some hard times and it’s share price sits just below $9. This series is intended to provide solutions on how the company can turn things around and become the major player in video.  The private space industry […]

  • The GoPro Sports Network

    The GoPro Sports Network

    This is the first in a series of posts related to GoPro. While they are a hardware company by trade they are also trying to become a content company. I think they can do it but they have to want to do it.  GoPro has gotten hammered over the last year as far as Wall […]

  • Into The Turn

    Into The Turn

    It’s not a secret. It’s not even something in your blind spot. It’s as clear as daylight and it can’t seem to get here fast enough. Over the top (OTT) programming replacing traditional viewing. The world of apps and devices like Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire are here to stay but getting content onto […]

  • The Extraordinary

    The Extraordinary

    While the US sits in the every tightening grip of the 2016 Presidential election, it would be very easy to just soak in what the candidates have to say and come to the conclusion that America really is screwed. I choose not to believe that. I lean with Warren Buffett who in his annual letter […]

  • Playing To The Edge

    Playing To The Edge

    You cannot have a debate about security, intelligence, terrorism or privacy without bringing in former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden into the conversation. Whether you agree with him or not, he is an individual who was a player on every major and controversial decision for over a decade (1999-2009) in this country. Think for a minute […]

  • The Inescapable Now

    The Inescapable Now

    It’s looking more and more like a William Gibson or Neal Stephenson novel out there. Governments suing companies to open up security features, a new documentary looking into how our world is wrapped in hackable code, sprinkled in some drones strikes decided by big data and it’s straight armageddon out here right now. Alex Gibney […]

  • Cord Cutting Is Here For The Sports Fan

    Cord Cutting Is Here For The Sports Fan

    It’s been a long time coming but you can now, finally, cut the cord and still be a sports fan.

  • The Leader of the Defense

    The Leader of the Defense

    Having to inflict change on the federal government’s largest organization.

  • Lights Out

    Lights Out

    When Ted Koppel speaks we listen. We hope he’s wrong but what happens if he’s not?

  • 25 million lines of Fortran

    Originally posted on Coding the markets:
    One of my colleagues is ex Bloomberg. He tells me there’s only one thing I need to know about them: “25 million lines of Fortran !”? Apparently they have 1500 coders firefighting, just keeping that legacy monster alive. And there’s a good reason Bloomberg has those 1500 coders keeping…