Try this way instead

I follow @PBSMediaShift on twitter. You run into some interesting articles and ideas.

What I just cannot get behind is Raju Narisetti‘s idea on how to save journalism. He is the News Corp. Senior Vice President and Deputy Head of Strategy. He talked about the Top 9 Challenges facing Journalism. While I agree with almost all of them #5 Web Video Offers A Possible Way Out I just flat out disagree with. This may be true to some degree but every video cannot have an ad in front of it.

Offering the full episode with really bad, annoying ads that prevent me from watching the video I have chosen to watch is a quick way to make me go somewhere else. I’m looking at you Spike TV. 

Web video can be a great source of revenue however you cannot overburden viewers with ads.

It appears that the TV and AD folks have taken over New Media and they are going to go by the same old playbook. Run ADs just like we do on TV. Well guess what guys and girls the WEB IS NOT TV. A :30 second AD is a lifetime online. Ads can and should only be :10-:15 seconds. If it is a :30, it better be as entertaining as those ‘Most Interesting Man In The World’ ads. Those are few and far between. 

Solution, integrate the ads like the CSUITE on Bloomberg. Blatant sponsor integration with United and it works. The star of the show, Jeffrey Hayzlett goes to companies which is an ad in and of itself.

It’s a successful model, it makes it a good experience online and it doesn’t annoy the viewer.

If journalists want to know what success looks like as far as web video is concerned, I would start by looking at that show. Also, MLS Insider on NBCSN and on MLSSOCCER.COM. Great way to design a show that works on TV and it works online even better.


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