In Retrospect

I, to anyone who knows me, am a University of Tennessee Alumni and a damn proud one at that. Like many in the Volunteer nation I have been saddened over the last few years with the performance of the football team. Coaching changes, not enough talent, etc, etc. Then the other day I looked at NFL rosters in preparation of my Fantasy Draft and to my disbelief I saw 4 very recent former Tennessee quarterbacks on NFL rosters to start the preseason. 

Jonathan Crompton with the Washington Redskins, Nick Stephens with the Tennessee Titans, BJ Coleman with the Green Bay Packers, and Matt Simms with the New York Jets.

Matt Simms is on an NFL roster right now? Wtf? 

Truth be told, Coleman and Stephens transferred and played their final years away from Neyland Stadium. Many of us wish Simms had transferred and Crompton did have a decent Senior year under the Coach We Do Not Speak Of (aka Lane Kiffin). Coleman seems to have the best odds of making the active roster come September.

It is somewhat shocking to see this many recent quarterbacks from Tennessee even invited to NFL camps when you look back and see that Tennessee had a 23-27 record during their time under center. 

I guess it goes to show that scouts and GM’s don’t always look to see if the player was a winner. They only want to  see the things they can measure like height, weight, arm strength and 40 yard dash time. 

Now I’m not trying to put down these 4 players. I supported 3 of them when they wore an orange T on their helmet and I’ll support them now. I just find it shocking that all these guys are getting a shot in the NFL when at Tennessee they went to 2 bowl games and only Crompton started in a bowl game. 


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