Acceleration of Sports

A few quick sporting notes: 

Hatin the Heat

Why are so many people hating on the Miami Heat and in particular Lebron James? I’m not an NBA fan but even I know that James has only been on the Heat for 1 full season and lost in the NBA Finals. Yeah, the Heat didn’t win it all last year but it was James’ 1st season with the team. This year is a strike shortened year and the Heat are in the Finals again. Is this what the team spent all this money for? I think if this were 10-15 years ago people would not be hating but enjoying the fact that the Heat have now made it to back-to-back NBA Finals. Oh how times have changed. 

The Biggest

Two countries with the world’s biggest and fastest growing populations are not soccer powerhouses. Why? India and China I’m looking at you. The US should be, in my opinion. a lot better than it is but with the addition of Jurgen Klinsmann as coach I think it will get there. But you can’t tell me that you can’t find 11 really good soccer players in India or China. And the US NIKE uniforms get a big 2 thumbs down. 


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