The Peyton Tracker

Peyton Manning will go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame once he decides to stop playing. But he’s not done playing, Not yet anyway. 

Just about every distribution imaginable had been tracking him since he was released from the Colts. Where will this future Hall of Fame quarterback go? When will he make a decision? It goes on and on and on. Not even March Madness can thwart Peyton Watch 2012. 

I have to admit I’m following it as much as anybody else is. I’m a fan. I went to school at Tennessee at the same time and followed his career ever since. So for me it’s a little odd seeing so much attention being paid to a guy who walked around the same campus I did. It’s cool but a little strange. 

The strangest part is hearing that he only has a few more years of playing. That makes me feel old and I’m not the one coming off of multiple neck surgeries. 

In the next few days we’ll hopefully find out where Peyton will play next year and if he lands in Nashville with the Tennessee Titans I may have to put my house up for sale and move to Nashville. It would be pure bedlam. 

If he signs with the 49ers…Montant, Young, Manning? I think my heart just skipped a beat. 


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