The Political Filter Bubble

I use to be fairly political. I also worked in TV news so it kind of comes with the territory. Since I got out of TV news i  have become less political. That being said, I cannot remember a primary lasting as long as the Republican primary is lasting and I think it’s a product of the environment. The environment of now. 

The environment of now being your own personalized Presidential run. 

With all of the outlets available to a political candidate now (youtube, twitter, blogs, 24-hour cable news) candidates choose to live more and more in their own little worlds. They all believe that they’re right, can win and that they have the support to do so. Yet when you look at the polls most of these candidates are living in fantasy land. They have become encompassed in their own political filter bubble.

They hear what they want to hear which is ‘you got a chance.’ Probably a lot of this is due to the donors who keep throwing money at these folks. So where and when does reality sink in? Well I believe that that is still old school, it’s when the money runs out. 

So when does the money run out? I suppose it’s when the donors figure out that they didn’t back the right guy. It’s a lot like owning a stock. At some point you have to realize that the stock is not going to come back and you have to sell and take the loss. 


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