Thought Drop: 2011.08.08: New Thinking

I’m no different than most American’s in the last few weeks, my stock portfolio has just gotten hammered and there was in all reality little I could do. The things i could do was do what I was doing, buying into the drop with companies that I’ve had my eye on and narrow that down with companies that I’ve had my eye on with a good, safe dividend.

This however is not the real issue. What is the issue is that the media and the ‘crowd’ are not thinking anew. Abraham Lincoln once said ‘As our case is new, we must think and act anew. ‘ This is a different World. The US and Europe are not the sole engines for growth. We have others coming online such as Brazil, India, and China. Multinational companies know this as they are expanding to these places. However the biggest obstacle we dace is not the American consumer suffering from exhaustion or the US Federal Government grinding to a halt. It’s the lack of understanding by the overall ‘crowd’ and the media.

It’s no secret my thoughts on the media by the overall ‘crowd’ needs to get a clue. We are in a global information economy not some old school industrial based economy. We now have the idea in one country, fund it in 2 others and build it in 4 others. With this we need knew ways of thinking, new custom rules. and  willingness to let go of the past.

Think of it this way, do Soccer clubs limit themselves to just the country they’re in to the players they can sign? No. How bout teams from the NBA or Major League Baseball? They find players from all over the globe. Young ones at that. Heck Real Madrid just signed a 7 year old from Argentina.    

We must start thinking anew. Today.






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