Thought Drop: 2011.07.22: Open it up

Like the song I’ve been ‘around the world.’ I’ve noticed a lot of things and one of the things I do not understand from an American capitalist point of view is why we don’t lead the effort to open the borders up?

First let me say that I am also a security freak and understand, appreciate and accept the need for secure borders. Borders that are secure from violence, mass desctruction and all the other things that come through our imaginative minds. I however do not believe that we should close our borders to business, labor, or ideas out of fear of the afore mention things.

There are lives to live, ideas to tackle, inspiration to be harnessed and money to be made “over there”. It should be made easier for someone to live and work in Canada, Brazil, Germany, etc. Maybe someone’s skills could be more valuable in Munich as opposed to Santa Barbara. Maybe someone’s idea has better reception in Toronto than in Sao Paulo. Perhaps the best computer programmer really wants to live and work in San Jose.

I find inspiration in people like David Neeleman who founded Jet Blue Airlines. Yes, say what you want about the airline now but it was a game changer in it’s day. I saw that he started a similar airline in Brazil called Azul. Why? He saw an opportunity and went after it. I’m sure the paperwork is not stacked in his favor but he’s still doing it (and I’ve seem some of this documentation and it’s archaic).

Look, we can’t be closed minded. We can’t say ‘they’re taking jobs from Americans’. We should go after the jobs. We should be a part of the ideas wherever they may reside cause right now America isn’t cutting it. We’ve some how lost that risk taking mentality and gone instead to the hand out ‘where’s mine?’ mentality. That won’t cut it and a way to reverse that is to branch out outside of our borders and find what it is that does inspire us, challenge us and in the end make us and America successful.


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