Thought Drop: 2011:06:16: TEXAS

I’ve been to many places in Texas and it occurs to me that during the Summer (June-October) most places feel and in a lot of ways look the same. It’s not the city per say but its weather. Texas has its own weather (among other things).

The hot, hazy, humidity that puts a smoky layer in the air and makes you feel like you haven’t fully woken up yet. Add that to the variety in the landscape. Las Vegas is just a desert with an equal distribution of rocks, wind and heat. Austin has grass, trees, heat and humidity. Yet people will claim that both are ‘hot’.

Texas has a different kind of hot. Not the ‘fry an egg on the pavement’ hot but one that can soak you, dehydrate you and make you feel like your walking through a thin layer of soup and all by 8am.


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