Not the end all be all

A few weeks ago Dick Ebersol resigned. Who is he? Do a Google search and if you do you’ll find out that he wasn’t the visionary everyone made him out to be. Fact he was a TV Visionary until about 48 hours after he resigned.

Being someone who has worked in TV and someone who still works in the entertainment medium I ca throw a fellow member of the community under the bus. Why? Because he was NOT a visionary. This is a man who hung is hat on the Olympics. The same Olympics that taped delayed the USA hockey team as it went for a gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Tape delayed? What is this the early 80’s?

A man who gave use the 20 minute Sunday Night Football open (dude, I don’t care who the Producer or Director is….kick the damn ball off).

A man who gave us the XFL and Notre Dame its own TV Network (and they haven’t won a National Title since).

So here’s bye bye Ebersol and do when you comeback do us all a favor, STOP being a visionary.


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