Thought Drop: 2011:04:20: The Evolution of Football Pt.1

Watching an episode of FRONTLINE on PBS regarding high school football and its consequences I found the program informative and disappointing. Informative because it does cover the the bases as far as head injuries and working out in extreme conditions and how it can be detrimental to the players health. I find it disappointing because I find it short sighted. Short sighted by the producer/director, coaches and analysts.

Yes, I’m a football fan. I have a passion for it.

Yes players are bigger, stronger and faster but they are also smarter. Defenses are smarter and can read what the offense is doing. They are only allowing the 3 yard slant route to the inside and if that throw isn’t absolutely perfect by the quarterback then the receiver catching that pass is in the crosshairs between a linebacker twice his size and a strong safety with a full head of steam.

Most times this throw is not perfect.

So the game is moving to another level. Defenses get better because the offense is getting better. Now the offense has to get better once again because soon coaches, parents, administrators and alumni will realize that while that receiver may have caught the 3 yard slant route a made the first down that sealed the game the hit on him will end his season and possibly his career.

My point is that it’s a risk vs reward situation. If it’s viewed in that context then we’ll see a change in the game to speed and angles and not on pure physical strength. I believe we are already seeing this shift on the college level and soon on the high school level.

Rules can be modified but no one has regulation over the play calling.


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