How can halt iPad’s march to glory.

Why does iPad automatically become the default winner in the tablet market? Because you first and foremost technology folks will jump on whatever Apple makes. But it’s also because Apple makes it really easy to buy movies, music, and books and that’s the iTunes store.

So how can someone beat them? By having a similar store with lower proces. Who has that?

You can get the same music, a better reading collection and hopefully soon movies and TV shows on a better, easier to use mobile device.

The real killer will be one a tablet can play FLASH. Apple has declared war on Adobe the maker of Flash which means that Apple can control who and what apps can do. That means no content they don’t approve of (gambling sites, porn, or just someone who they don’t like) Get FLASH on your tablet and those people who do not like the iPad (and it’s a growing number) will jump to that device.

Amazon made a fanastic device in the kindle. The only problem? You can’t put all those books you haven’t read onto that device which is a bummer. People will complain that it doesn’t do this or that and they’re right. But the 1 thing it’s designed to do it does very, very well.

If Jeff Bezos and the top brass at Amazon really want to own the mobile device area of technology they can. They just have to want to do it.


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