THOUGHT DROP:2011:03:11: Should they stay or should they go?

I use to work in local TV news and so with comes some insight that some people probably don’t think about. When a major event happens like what happened yesterday in Japan, news does what it’s supposed to, it gets the information out. Then the part that really gets to me happens, all of these reporters from places like CNN, Fox, NBC, CBS, NPR, etc will all go to the place that has been destroyed. Here’s why this is a bad thing:

They’re taking up valuable resources. They don’t mean to but in all reality they’re taking up shelter, water, food to cover something that already happened. Now, one could argue that 10, 15, 20 years ago this was necessary to let people know what’s going on but in today’s World of Google, FlipCams, smartphones with video cameras, Skype the people who are experiencing what’s going can do a better job and cut down on the people coming in.

The only people that should be going to Japan right now are people physically going to help. Search & rescue, doctors, etc and not cable news reporters with a crew of 5.

What’s the reporter and their crew going to do? Interview the people they’re already interviewing via Skype?

Not saying I’m right but I’ve worked behind the curtain and I still do to some extent. I’m also a fan of technology and know what it can do. By the way this event happened in Japan, a place where they invented a lot of the technology used by the reporters who are busily flying over to Japan.



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