New Guilty Pleasure

I’ve been a fan of BT for a long time. Granted he hasn’t done much as far as what I would call a ‘BT record’ since Emotional Technology in 2003. A few months ago he released These Hopeful Machines.

As I told a friend in Austin, it sounds like an epic sci-fi teen love story on a late spring Tuesday afternoon in LA.

It’s ok, I don’t know what that means either.

In any event, BT’s new record does sounds a John Hughes movie from the 80’s released in 10 years time.

Still not helping? Ok.

It’s Sci-Fi pop which is what BT can do well.

It’s a 2 disc set (if you buy the actual CD) and 2 continues mixes on iTunes. I prefer the CD version because there are ‘singles’ on here and it’s not a Global Underground dance record.

1st disc starts off a little too erratic for my old ass but BT does find his groove with such stand out tracks like ‘Forget Me’, ‘Love can Kill You’ and the techno track ‘Le Nocturne De Lumiere’ which sounds like it belongs in a Tony Scott Film.

If you liked BT’s older records like Emotional Technology and ESCM give this a listen. If you’ve moved onto acoustic folk rock then don’t bother.


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