Soccer Trouble


Not that many people care but Soccer in the US is on the verge of a double whammy.

Not only is Major League Soccer preparing for a players strike but the man who brought media attention from around the World to US Soccer, David Beckham, went down today in Milan with a torn Achilles.

A players strike in MLS would be devastating as many people who are casual watchers of the sport will simply move on to other leagues or possibly other sports. MLB could benefit in attendance, viewers and ad dollars if the MLS brass and players do not work out a new collective bargaining agreement.

The loss of Beckham for possible the entire year could be salt on the open wound. The 34-year-old could have played his last game in MLS in last years MLS Cup.

The only silver lining in any of this is that it is a World Cup year and the US are due back several players from injury. They very well could make a good run in South Africa this summer but will it be enough to save pro soccer in America?


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