Well it is. Others have said it better than me. I’m happy Lane Kiffin is gone. I’m happy that we have a head coach that has a Southern accent and appreciates the tradition and importance of Tennessee football.

I think A.D. Hamilton said it best when he responded when asked how he would describe Lane Kiffin’s tenure. His response, "Brief."

Enter Derek Dooley. You can find out enough about this guy anywhere on the web. The most important thing is as I mentioned above. He’s a Southerner. His dad was Head Coach at Georgia for 25 years.

The part about this whole thing that I find amazing is not Lane Kiffin leaving for USC but for the three to four coaches who said ‘no’ to Tennessee. When did Tennessee become the forbidden island? What, a stadium with 108,000 people, high expectations and state of the art facilities is not enough?

Granted, I get why Will Muschamp said no. He’s the "Head Coach’ in waiting at Texas and Austin, TX is probably a better town for him and his family than Knoxville,TN is. I know, I’ve lived in both and I would have a hard time arguing the living situation for a family even though I am remarkable partial to Knoxville.

The only other thing that shocked me, and it really shouldn’t have, was the fact that the national sports media jumped all over Kiffin going to USC and how good it was for USC vs. how bad he decided to screw Tennessee.

But Kiffin is out and Dooley is in. If he can do half the job is dad did at Georgia we will suck. If he does the same job or better we’ll be ok.


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