Celebrate something

We always seem to look at the bad side of things and maybe in some ways that’s a good thing. We learn from our mistakes after all right?

So now I think it’s time to look at a day and say ‘hey. that’s pretty cool’.

Carl Kassell of NPR news had his last day on the air today. He’s still doing other stuff for NPR but I’m not sure how I’ll react tomorrow morning when I don’t here his voice at the top of the hour delivering the news. He did say something on his final news hit that I thought was amazing. He said, "and the only thing I’m retiring is my alarm clock. No more will I hear that clock go off at 1 in the morning — or 5 after 1, as I like to say, because I like to sleep in."

He said earlier in the broadcast that he’s been doing this news segment for 30 years. Can you imagine waking up at that hour 5 days a week for the last 30 years?!

But here’s the part we should really celebrate, especially in this day in age. This is a guy that’s going out doing it right and having people celebrate the fact. When so many people are laid off or hanging on by a thread this guy is celebrated when he steps down. Hell, the closest’s I’ve been to that is when people bought me beer in Madra Rua when I left WCSC.


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