Digital Demise

I’m a fan of the digital revolution. Granted right now it’s a little like VHS vs. Beta because everyone has different formats, multiple locations, etc. 

An example, a friend turned me onto the TV show ‘Burn Notice.’ I downloaded the first few episodes from XBOX Live Marketplace. I liked them but didn’t want to spend the money ($2.00 per episode putting the full season at $26.00) on the rest when I’m spending $9.00 a month on a Netflix account. So I ordered the rest of the season on Netflix. This is of course after I checked out to see if the episodes we’re available for free online.

Now the show is available on itunes and that would allow me the ability to watch the show while traveling on my ipod and also on my TV through an adapter I bought. However, the full season in SD is $20.00 and I already bought the first two episodes on XBOX so now I would have to buy individual episodes and I would have the show spilt between my XBOX and my ipod. Oh, they don’t talk to each other (Microsoft vs. Apple).

So with season 2 I have the following options:

A) buy the 16 episodes on XBOX for $32.00 and when the ZUNE HD comes out next month I could transfer them over and have them for the road. Of course I would have to buy a Zune HD first and I’m not sure if that would work or not.

B) Continue with the Netflix option at $9.00 a month and wait a few days for the next disc to show up in the mail which means if I’m traveling the show sits in my mailbox for a week.

C) Order it on itunes for $30.00 and have it on the go as well as the ability to play it on my TV. I could rent movies too but I would have to upgrade to an ipod touch which has a much smaller hard drive hence I would only get a few episodes on the device

or D) for $22.00 and have the ability to play the video online, download it to my PC and to a mobile device which does not include an ipod or Zune.

See what I mean? VHS vs. Beta all over again. At least there’s options this time. Oh, I’m leaning towards the Netflix option and hoping that I can swing a deal on a Zune HD when they become available through a couple of contacts.


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