The Hubbub

The CIA apparently had a plan to develop a small team of assassins to kill top Al-Qaeda leaders and this has caused a stir in Washington.

Why? Mainly it was approved by former VP Dick Cheney and he apparently told the CIA not to tell Congress.

Once the new CIA Director Panetta got wind of it he went to Congress.

I don’t get it. What’s the big deal?

Former VP Cheney wanted to keep a clandestine program secret from people who want their face in front of a video camera every 15 seconds. And why is it a bad thing to try to kill Al-Qaeda leaders or any other terrorist leaders for that matter? Isn’t that what the "war on terror" is all about? Oh excuse me, it’s now an ‘Overseas Contingency Operation’.

…really? Who came up with that name anyway? I can’t get behind that.


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