Germany and The Netherlands

1st my Grand Father was pretty much right, Germany is a lot like America. There’s a McDonalds, Starbucks, KFC and Dunkin Donuts all over the place. In Dusseldorf I ran into a Hooters (yes I went inside and had some curly fries and a beer)

The Netherlands, ok Amsterdam, was a very pretty town. Full of Americans this time of year but a good looking town none the less. Defiantly need a couple of days there to see and do all the things that are available.

I ran into very few people who didn’t speak English but I always feel a little rude by not knowing a little of the language of the country I’m in.

1 thing that has been proven to be a great conversation piece is soccer. Being able to argue with some random person about National team play or a certain league seems to go a long way. I bet I could go to Abu Dhabi and argue with some local Sheik about Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract with Real Madrid.


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