I could ask for a better start to Sunday but it would be tough and…well let’s just leave it at that.

In any event Liverpool was playing Aston Villa this morning and I also got NCAA Tourney B-Ball on CBS. Liverpool was up 3-0 at Halftime. As of this writing the score is 5-0 Liverpool and the American Aston Villa Goalkeeper Brad Friedel got Red Carded in a tough call (he actually got an ovation from the Anfield crowd). Then his replacement, fellow American and former University of South Carolina Goalkeeper Brad Guzan came into replace Friedel. Of course Guzan’s debut in the English Premier was a tough one. He had to try to stop a penalty shot from "Captain Fantastic" Steven Gerrard who of course made his 3rd goal.

So mixed feelings, especially when I didn’t have Gerrard on my Fantasy squad but did have Friedel.

Not mention the fact that it’s windy and rainy outside just adds to the reasons why I should sit on my couch and watch sporting events.


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