XBOX 360

So after the DVR proceded not to work and record the 1st MLS game of the season and the 1st MLS game in the history of the Seattle Sounders I was forced to watch highlights on and ESPN.COM.

Friday night, while playing one of the many games that the folks at THQ gave me, I found out that the Seattle Sounders and MLS made an even bigger than expected coup when they signed XBOX 360 LIVE to a sponsorship deal with the club.

XBOX 360 LIVE is on the front of the jersey of the Seattle Sounders. Prime real estate in the Soccer World. But to have XBOX’s goofy personality Major Nelson and crew showcasing the game and talking with team is just huge. Think of the audience!

There were multiple segements and multiple slides to support, not only the Sounders, but also MLS First Kick (the opening weekend).

Being someone who helps supply XBOX 360 with content it’s cool but also a challenge. How do I get my content featured over something that XBOX 360 is a direct sponsor of? On the other hand, I want to MLS succeed in the US and can’t hlep but think of the possibilities. Live games on XBOX 360 anyone?


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