Not the Way

I was listening to an old podcast from some C-SPAN show with Michael Rosenblum.

Rosenblum is the evangelist for the videojournalist or as we use to call it one man band. 

I am a fan however I believe there are some flaws in his practices and theories. In any event he said something on this show that really resonated with me. He said in short:

If you want to be an artist you pick up a brush and start painting on a canvas. Who know you could be the next Rembrandt. If you want to be a musician you pick up a guitar or piano and start playing and who knows you could be the Beethoven. If you want to be in TV you get a job as a PA and work your way up.

His point being that TV is actually a creative process. Video can be very compelling if done right but nowhere in the current structure of things is the creative process taken into account.

I’m saying right but you get the idea.

You can see or hear or read the full interview here


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