after 9/11 there was a lot of heat on the CIA. Something I deducted was that there were too many analysts and not enough collectors, I.e. boots on the ground. Not enough people collecting all of the information to get to the analysts. And at the end of the day too many analysts which is short for " arm chair quarterbacks".

The point is that the CIA isn’t so different then the rest of the World. Plenty of people on top and not enough at the bottom.

The catch to that is something that many don’t see. while the top needs the bottom (and for that matter vice versa) they also need the bottom to be smarter. Like the war in Iraq. It was a great invasion plan: Speed combined with a shit load of firepower or as they say it, "overwhelming force."

The bottom is asked to do more and more and more and they need to be smart and capable. That’s the catch, give the bottom the ability to think and you just took a big roll of the dice.

In the end there aren’t enough "doers".


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