So Delta Airlines, who I’m flying in a couple of days to London, is consolidating it’s smaller regional airline system.

They’re placing it in Minneapolis pretty much so they don’t get stuck with a $245 million dollar bill from the state of Minnesota.

So this makes sense thus far right?

Until I read this part:

The goal of the consolidation is to match the airport customer experience provided by the three regional carriers to that of mainline Delta.
Comair, in particular, has struggled with on-time performance and baggage handling relative to the industry. According to the Department of Transportation, Comair had the worst on-time performance in December among the 19 carriers the agency surveyed.
Delta’s new RHS team will be headquartered alongside Delta Connection in Minneapolis and will be led by Comair’s Don Stephens.

So take the worst airline you own and make the head of that the head of all the other regional airlines.

And people wonder why airlines don’t make any money.


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