Blowing Smoke

It’s the old saying, ‘Where there’s smoke there’s fire’. ESPN made sure of that. When the BCS match ups were announced it was pretty obvious to Las Vegas that the BCS would, once again, be filled with blowouts. 3 of the 5 biggest point spreads were in the BCS (Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, and Fiesta Bowl).

The biggest sham of them all? Like usual, the Rose Bowl. USC beat Penn State by 14 and it wasn’t even that close. At Halftime the score was 31-7 in favor of USC.

This makes it the 4th time that USC has annihilated a Big Ten team since 2004. Somewhere in there they lost to Texas in the National Title game by 4 points in one of the closet championship games in recent memory. 6 of the last 8 Rose Bowl’s have been decided by double digits.

Why is there smoke? Unless you were a Penn St fan or didn’t follow college football then you knew USC would take Penn St behind the proverbial woodshed.

Yet Disney (Owners of ESPN and ABC which broadcast the game) went on an all out PR campaign to try and give the illusion that Penn St had a shot in hell. Ivan Maisel wrote an article to try to give some statistical analysis to support this idea. That didn’t work either.

Here are the facts, ESPN just spent a boat load of money for the BCS series. Their well respected college football pre game show said little if anything about the need for a playoff system all year (ESPN was negotiating the contract at the time) and they over hyped a football game they knew would be a blowout.

Guys, this was the only game on. It was either that or let the woman have the remote.

My disappointment comes from the conferences, ESPN, and the bowls. When I was young there would be something like 9 bowl games on New Years Day. In 2009 there was 5. And only one of those came down to the last minute. In the afternoon and evening their is a game apiece. Both were decided by double digits.

So maybe some of these match ups couldn’t have been helped? Maybe, if the Big Ten wasn’t involved…at all.

At this point the Big Ten is 1-5. 4 of those losses are by double digits. The only team that could go and compete in the SEC, PAC-10,and BIG 12 is Ohio Stand they are a TD dog to Texas in the Fiesta Bowl. 

Oh yeah, they’ve been run out the building the last two national title games by an SEC team.


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