I’ve done some pretty cool things in my life as far as I’m concerned.
I’ve traveled to the UK about a half dozen times, gone to a strip club with a group of lesbians, been to a national title game for my alma mater,and tonight, I heard TAPS being played at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina.
It’s something that doesn’t happen everyday.
During my time here I also met Spc. Tracey. A skinny white kid who has 5 years in the ARMY. He was injured in Afghanistan multiple times ( I told him to duck in the future) the last one left him with both elbows shattered.
But that’s not what got me. What got me is the fact that he came down to the office and said "I just wanted to thank the guys for comin" meaning, he wanted to thank the fighters and anyone else involved for coming to Ft. Bagg and having a fight.
My man.
He left today to go back to Michigan and continue his rehab. He won’t see the fight live but he will have met, Randy Couture, Mike Swick, Josh Koscheck, Kenny Florian, Marcus Davis and multiple other fighters on this card tomorrow night.
His elbows probably still hurt, but I just hope they hurt a little less over the last few days.

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