And the impossible still hasn’t happened

I lived in Austin, TX for a few years. And every time I heard someone say “UT” I would solemnly get my hopes up because I knew they were talking about the University of Texas and not the real UT of Tennessee.


Well for once I will take the side of the other UT. The Texas Longhorns got steered out of a chance to win the national title. Don’t get me wrong, Florida vs. Oklahoma is a helluva football game but so would be Florida vs. Texas.


The fact of the matter is this and it’s no secret where I stand on the issue, College Football needs a playoff and needed it 15 years ago.


By the way, did you notice how the guys on ESPN suddenly this season decided NOT to talk about a playoff? Why, well I’m sure that the 4 year deal worth an estimated $500 million had nothing to do with that.


The saddest thing is that the people who lose are not only the fans but the smaller schools like UTAH and Boise St. And the only reason I can see that college football won’t do it is because of money. How lucrative the bowl’s are to the conferences and the schools.


Are they telling me that a Division 1, oh excuse me, and FBS, couldn’t make a boat load of money on this? And you can still keep the bowl system intact by playing all the games in the current bowl venues. The littler bowls could still be used for those awesome 6-6 teams that somehow qualify for postseason play. But in the end, everyone could make out.


Yet this will not happen for a long, long, time. And to put how ridiculous this really is, an African-American has been elected President (by the way, he wants a playoff) and we still can’t have a Division 1 or FBS playoff. WTF?


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