Where do we go from here

Phil is out and Lane Kiffin is in. The 33 year old wildcat whose only head coaching experience came with a 5-15 mark with the Oakland Raiders.

I watched the press conference the other day and he seemed nervous (rightfully so) but he did say the right things. He did seem open to the tradition and legacy that Coach Fulmer and others have built at Tennessee.

He also said something along the lines of beating Florida which I’m all for.

I know he’s suppose to be this awesome recruiter but so was the last Raider coach to come to the college ranks. Bill Callahan at Nebraska and for as well as he was supposedly recruiting Nebraska went downhill.

Just a note to Coach Kiffin, you don’t need the best players you need the right ones.

On another note, Gene Wojciechowski wrote an awesome article about Fulmer’s last game.

I’m glad to see Fulmer go out with so much class and people really trying to enjoy the moment.

It sucks to not be in that neck of the woods right now. One legend leaving and a hot shot guy coming in. I can only imagine the press, the talk radio, the conversations at the bar.

I’m really interested to see how Kiffin does and if I can really follow it well being on the Left coast.


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