Back in the saddle

Well, I’m 3 days away from a vacation. I’m going to Nashville, TN and hopefully I will get to see multiple people who mean a lot to me.

In any event, my job is pretty stressful and last week was looking pretty bleak for a minute. I had shoot the Dana White Video Blog. Long story short I followed around Dana, President and savior of the UFC, for a day and a half. I rode in a Ferrari and a Mercedes. I must say, a Ferrari wasn’t on my list of things to get but driving that thing back to Stockton in the Spring and Fall with the top down would be pretty fucking cool. Not to mention the ride would go much faster.

I think things went pretty well, I’m still employed, and he approved the one I cut and posted on youtube. I switched off to his regular guy on Thursday late afternoon and later that night I was outside the compound at MGM venting to my immediate boss about something else an Dana came by. For the first time he said my name when asked. He said "thanks Brad".

I know that might sound dick to some of you. ‘Dude, you’re fucking boss doesn’t even know you’re name?’ Look, this guy has more people’s names to remember than I have vested in Chevron stock. It would be the equivalent of Roger Goodall, commissioner of the NFL, knowing the name of a peon in the web department.

On Saturday night when we looked like we we’re getting close to being done with UFC 91 I realized I had three guys looking at me as their boss. That made me feel good to the point that I cracked a smile.

How long will this confidence last? I don’t know but things are looking better.


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