Two things for me that are bigger than a black man being elected President of the United States.

1. Phil Fulmer forced out after 17 years as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers.

2. Some random reason, my mortgage payment went up by $89.00.

Yes it’s cool that a black man is President. Yes it’s ground breaking and historic and yada yada yada.

Folks, I didn’t grow up in the civil rights era. I grew up in  California with a 57 flavored gringo dad and a full blooded Mexican mom. This shit don’t matter to me. I looked beyond that many, many moon’s ago. Granted most people haven’t and by the way, most of those people live in California and not the South where I lived for 10 years.

I understand the significance of that but aren’t we missing something? The fact that people would look beyond the color of ones skin? I think that’s cool.

By the way let me just state this for the following to clear my mind:

I love and respect McCain. He’s a hero of mine and I voted for Obama. I hate Biden but don’t trust Palin. I also know that this is the opportunity of a lifetime for someone my age to make his mark financially in the stock market and in life. The last time we had a Democratic President my Grandfather said this, ‘I don’t like Clinton but I sure as hell made a whole lot of money while he was President.’

But still I’m more interested in celebrating he career of Phil Fulmer and wonder who the next head coach would be.


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