The End of an Era

Phil Fulmer is out as the University of Tennessee’s head football coach.

He’s Tennessee native who gave 35 years to the university as a player and coach. His current record is 150-51 with 1 National Title.

The reason he’s out is simple, Tennessee is losing ground to their biggest rivals Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and LSU. Tennessee hasn’t won an SEC title since 98 and have lost 31 games since the end of the 2001 season.

Should Fulmer have been give a chance to fix this? I think so. 1 to 2 more years.

However he’s not going to get that chance.

So the question becomes, who is Tennessee going to get? Now this could go one of two ways, either AD Mike Hamilton finds the next Bob Stoops or Jim Tressel or he finds the next Bill Callahan or Mike Dubose.

In any event, Tennessee is entering a new chapter. One that will have a tough time living up to the standards that Fulmer set.

Thanks Phil.



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