Small Town

It’s not every trip you get to visit a small town for a week. This past week I got to stay in Omaha, Nebraska.

I have a distant connection to the Cornhusker state. My dad’s side of the family is from there. I grew up watching Dr. Tom Osborne coach the Nebraska Cornhuskers to near misses against Oklahoma and later on to National Titles.

So going to Omaha, and seeing all the red was a trip. Granted people looked at me like I had a horn coming out of my head because the first full day I was there was a Saturday. So I wore my Tennessee shirt….just to represent. (Besides, the last two times Nebraska played Tennessee they blew them out of the water)

Downtown was bit like ‘Night of the Comet.’ Nobody was walking around downtown at night it seemed like. But when you got to a restaurant there were people there. Weird.

I was one of the few people to be impressed with the fact that Union Pacific’s corporate headquarters were right next to our hotel.

In the end I did enjoy the town, the bar, and downtown. It’s nice to be in places like that were life just seems slower.

Good lookin women around too.


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