I don’t know how to feel about the C gate at McCarren not being all
that busy. Then again, it’s a Friday night and most people are coming
into Vegas and not leaving it.

Journey this week: Omaha, Nebraska. Kind of odd I guess when you
consider that I nearly went to college 30 minutes down the road in
Lincoln at the University of Nebraska. My Father’s side of the family
is from this neck of the woods and I’ve only been through here once
years ago after college.

I don’t know, it’s just funny to be here for work for 7 days and not be
able to go to the Nebraska game. I always figured the time that I would
come to Nebraska would be to see the Huskers play.

Who knew.

By the way, does one listen to the Counting Crows song  ‘Omaha’ while in Omaha? Yes.


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