Lifted fees and dumbass options

I came across an article the other day on It was about airlines lifting baggage fees for active military personnel.

Apparently some active duty personnel had been charged as much as $300 for overweight bags. Why were these bags so heavy? Oh I don’t know, maybe because they have to carry gear to a war zone.

The real kicker here isn’t the fact that it took so long for the airlines to go ‘oh, this is dick’ but what former Presidential candidate and current US Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton did.

Senator Clinton sent a letter to 6 major airlines and also to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates asking for the fees to be billed to the Pentagon.

Hey Clinton, don’t give the idiots an option! They shouldn’t charge them period. Hell if it were up to me every active duty service member would be bumped to first class free of charge.

So the airlines may not get it at first but they seem to be coming around while it appears that members of the US Congress are still retards.


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