Free NIN

I kind of got lost with Nine Inch Nails. I remember when Trent Reznor would pretty much just write about himself. Over the years he grew as a musician and branched out on subjects in his songs. This is a short way of saying he went political.

While I admire the development, I’m personally a little sick and tired of musicians and other "artists" who come out and rail against a President (they tend to get a little louder when it’s a Republican in office).

Now, I’m willing to give Reznor another shot. He mocked Radiohead for offering their last release for free or "you pick the price" on their website. Why? They only offered it for a limited time then went the regular route of selling it on itunes and so forth.

Nine Inch Nails has done some creative things in the past. Most notable an alternative reality game. Well the music that they left around they now put lyrics too and released…for free on it’s website…indefinitely.

They even offer multiple forms of downloads depending on how anal you are about your sound.

Cool? Very. However, one thing occurred to me the other day about Raidohead’s last record. No one talked about the music just the distribution method. I hope Nine Inch Nails latest, The Slip, is different.


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