Saving Starbucks?

Starbucks announced that they are going to close 600 stores nationwide. Now, the company that people complained about and protested is now seeing campaigns pop up around the country to "save" it’s stores.

According to the Wall Street Journal people are calling, writing letters, and even starting petitions to save their local Starbucks.

People! It’s frickin’ $4.50 coffee!

How Starbucks has become so embedded in our culture so quickly is a testament to them and their founder Howard Schultz whose come back and taken back over the CEO position in an effort to turn the company around.

It’s all pretty strange if you ask me. I mean, would people be out there writing and calling the corporate headquarters of McDonalds if they closed a store? A Burger King was closed by my office. I didn’t call or write a letter asking The King to "Save my BK!"

Folks let’s try to remember that we are a capitalist society. Oil companies, airlines, and coffee proprietors are in it to make money NOT serve the public good.


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