I was going through video on the DVR and came across an episode of Business Nation that aired on CNBC. It was on American Airlines and how they’re fighting back against oil. Unfortunately they don’t have the whole segment online anywhere that I can find which I think is just stupid but it’s neither here nor there.

AA spends $500 million when airplanes are taxiing on the runway. Holy shit! They are finding all kinds of ways to save money by using less gas. One major way is by cutting weight. For example they swapped out those beverage carts with newer models that weigh 17lbs less. They’re taking the paint off the plane and replacing it with decals which will also lower the rate.

This got me thinking. I read an article about F1 cars a while back and how light they are and how aerodynamic they and so on. Why doesn’t Boeing and Airbus hire some of these folks to come along redesign lighter planes? Also, if they’re charging for bags what’s to prevent airlines from charging you on how much you weigh?

Think about it…

You way X then you have to pay Y. Is it discriminatory, yes but with the cost of flying rising so rapidly and less routes then that means some people won’t be flying at because they can’t afford it.

It’s something to think about.

oh and by the way people, airlines are in it to make money not for the public good.


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