July 4th and meeting a Hero

I have an event Saturday night which meant that the 4th was weigh in day (I get Monday off instead which is cool because I can get my oil changed). However, I woke up Friday and woke up late. Turned off the alarm, had a bad workout and had to run back to my house to grab my credential. All of this told me that I should have stayed in bed.

On the way back to Mandalay Bay a lady with her two sons asked if I knew where the Shark Reef was. Since it was the same direction I was headed I walked her and her kids over there. Very nice lady who was thankful that I took the time to help her out.

Later I saw this tree of a guy and after a few seconds I recognized him, it was Marcus Luttrell. He was the only Navy SEAL to make it out alive of Operation Redwing. He wrote a book about it called Lone Survivor.

He was very humble, very gracious that I took time out to read it. That was awesome because in the book he talks about why he wrote it and it’s not for fame and fortune. He wrote it because he wants us to remember his three other team members who he had to watch die in the mountains of Afghanistan i.e. the ends of the Earth.

So even if my day wasn’t all that great I did get to meet two very kind and gracious people. One a hero in her own right and the other a hero for not giving up.


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